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So Defcon 16 is around the corner and some of us are a little rusty, so in preperation for this exciting ocassion Im setting up a mock network running a cisco router and switch. Along with one Linux box and an XP box along with a server to host all our info on which we have learned on our mock network. There is going to be two ways to gain access to this network, ok maybe three, 1st there is going to be a VPN setup, 2nd you can ssh in and 3rd vnc in. If you would like access to this network shot me an email and Ill send you a username password and IP address.


As you have noticed are project section has been lacking updates. If you visit our forum you will see why, pretty much the attenuation on the Long distance WIFI was to much and even though we could see the network in Network Stumbler only (kismet was being picky) And windows would not connect to it even though we had two bars according to windows I'll post the screen shots of it.

Now onto what people want to know about the portable wifi jammer. It is complete and has been complete for a while now. CDW and I are attempting to make a vidcast out of this project and we are attempting to release them at the same time so just be patient with us and I promise you won't be disappointed. We've been planning our next project which is a little more in depth. Its another WIFI project (surprise surprise) that is going to contain spoofing a little cracking and a whole lot of reverse engineering. I've been working on planning this for the past 2 or 3 years and I finally found someone to assist me and get me over the hurdles I ran Into. As far as what I have read and seen this one has been done to about 50% of what we are doing but we are going to take it to the next level and go for the full 110%.(It may be illegal in some countys, states & countrys)

It will Probably turn out being a long term project so shot us your ideas for quick fast projects you want us to do.

Long Range WIFI



As you can see from the map there is some planning involved, you just need the degree bearing. So at point B you will aim the access point (in this case wrt54g) to 339 At point A you will aim the laptop to 161 (Senao 2511). To make sure the distance you are trying is even feasible there are equations to test them out.

Free space loss for km

db loss= 92,45+20log(subscript 10)ghz+20log(subscript 10)km

and for all the people like me who don't know metric for shit there is this equation.

db loss= 20log(subscript 10)mhz+20log(subscript 10)miles+36.6

I'm to lazy to factor in the attenuation(the wifi wave arch) of the signal, it will just throw it off by about 2 degrees so I'll just wiggle the antenna till I get a signal. You need at least +20db for a useable link. This is how I figured out MY usability.

23-7+15-104+15-7+100=35 useable dB

What the equation means is

23 . Transmitter Power in dBm

-7 . Modulation loss aka cables connectors adapters

15 . Transmitter antenna dB gain

-104 . Free Space loss

15 . Receiver antenna dB gain

-7 . Modulation loss

+100 Receiver sensitivity dBm

WIFI Jammer


I came up with this idea when one day at work we had a rogue computer on our wifi network my co worker called me saying get him off the network so I told him to disable the port but he knew nothing about cisco IOS so I told him to run a deauth since I always have a laptop on running security auditor it was no big deal. I want to make this process a simple as possible just flick a switch pretty much so I came up with this.

A portable wifi jammer, if you have ever done wep cracking you should know all about deauth. It only works with prism2 and 2.5 chipsets, one of the main problems is there are no USB prism 2 or 2.5 cards according to the Teleco Wiki and I wanted to make this thing small as possible.

So for the main bored I will be using the Vortex86-6082 for the main bored. A laptop IDE hard drive running Knoppix untill I write a kernal that supports straight deauth. And I will be using the Vortex86-6085 for the PCMCIA slot.

For the prism 2 card I will be using a 200mx senao card. Since it is PCMCIA it will be very module I can swap it from the jammer straight to a laptop.

I wanted to orginally do it off of they VSX-6100 but I did some research on it and apparently it has been coming soon since May and it's still not here so I want to get the project up and running. At least I know the 2nd revision will be alot smaller.

To keep get the latest info on this project check our forums

Syrus 11/14/07

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